Cambridge Residence

This home was designed as a gallery to showcase the owners’ extensive collection of modern art, while providing a warm, practical home to raise four children.

The large, Georgian revival structure was gutted and expanded to meet these needs. The interior was redesigned in its entirety and portions of the existing floors were removed to create a two-story gallery atrium. An important design challenge was to create a modern addition that would be sympathetic to the historic structure – that would have a distinct voice but not be over-bearing.

A symbiotic relationship between the house and the landscape – between the experience of the interior and the garden – is fundamental to every project we do.

The home is a vessel to showcase art, and a reflection itself of the owner’s interest in modern architecture and design. Stern McCafferty designed and carefully curated the interior furnishings.

We were convinced that a carefully proportioned and well detailed modern addition was a better companion to the original structure than an historic replication. The use of Cor-ten steel siding for the addition has a soft and ever-changing character.

A refined palette of materials finds expression in every detail.


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