Mount Vernon Residence

This is one of the largest homes on Boston’s historic Beacon Hill. Stern McCafferty was tasked with carefully restoring the historic structure while creating updated and modern interiors.

Originally constructed in 1820, the building had undergone a series of alterations through the years and was cut up into small apartments. The design solution created a primary residence for the owners and three secondary rental apartments.

An historic curved staircase was lovingly restored and extended to the top floor, where a large family gathering space opens to spectacular views of the city. Portions of the house, like the stair hall, were carefully restored, while other areas, like the kitchen and dining room, were gutted and redesigned with a more modern flair.

A family room addition, with broad expanses of glass and sliding door panels, opens onto an enclosed, very private outdoor dining terrace.

Minimal and precise detailing is a Stern McCafferty trademark. Dark-stained, rift oak flooring helps to unify the design.

The design is grounded in material expression – minimal detailing and a refined palette of natural millwork, stone and metalwork help to integrate old and new.

Custom casework was designed to conceal a small work station in the kitchen, and to enclose a pantry and a back stair leading to the bedroom suites. Spaces are designed to transform depending on the need.

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