Newport Modern

Newport is famous for its Gilded Age mansions; this home offers an alternative to the typical narrative. Overtly modern in character, the form of the house is derived from a careful response to the site—the horizontal composition reflects the horizon and is rendered in a palette of warm, natural materials.

The interior is designed to capture the sweeping views of the Rhode Island Sound.  The impression is one of calmness and informality.

The architecture is designed to celebrate the landscape; the simple forms and natural materials are unassuming. A passageway through the house is a link between the entry garden and the pool terrace, capturing views to the meadow and the sea beyond.

The stair elicits a shift – in movement and in perception. The view to the water is modulated through exterior screens and the solidity of the stair itself is balanced by the lightness of the metalwork. Art finds a home in every space.

The modern character of the home is reflected in the simple forms of the interior architecture. A strict attention to function is given an artful expression through the use of natural materials and a meticulous attention to detail.

The guest cottage and house form an entry court and are linked with a long row of rain gardens that extend the length of the site. These gardens, designed with native, wetland plantings, are just one of many green features integrated into the design.

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