Ritz Carleton Residence

Opting to stay in the city when most of their peers were moving to the suburbs, this young family of four called in Stern McCafferty to renovate their 3,500 square foot apartment on the 22nd floor of a Boston highrise. They wanted a family-friendly home but didn’t want to give up their love of urban living and sophisticated spaces.

“With McCafferty’s knowledge of materials and her equally keen eye, she’s managed to create a space that merges modern design with practical lifestyle needs. You don’t have to be childless to be chic.”

Boston Globe

The furniture selections though large-scaled, are unobtrusive and deferential to the dramatic urban views. The palette of materials includes polished chrome, black leather, white Statuario marble, with accents of color and texture in the bright orange Clip tables and pony hide side chairs.

Stern McCafferty often designs project-specific furniture to work with individual spaces and to address the needs of the project. Here they worked with local craftsman to create a custom marble and stainless steel table that pairs perfectly with a set of vintage Mies MR chairs.

“Why do people hire interior designers? It’s your taste, after all, right? But working with Stern McCafferty I could see the value right away. David and Diane worked well together. She has a good sense of space and how to use it. Their work is so intertwined.”

Boston Globe

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