South End Residence

It’s the classic choice a young professional couple has to make once they start a family; to stay in the city or to go.

Our clients decided to stay.

They purchased adjoining condos in an urban, mixed-use high-rise building and brought in Stern McCafferty to reshape them into a single, cohesive home.

Existing walls were removed to create a larger, loft-like space and a composition of wood-clad “boxes” hides utilities serving apartments on the floors above and below. These “boxes” help to define distinct spaces within the loft and function as storage cabinets, bookcases and art walls.

While the open design captures the views of the city and allows light to penetrate deep into the space, it also affords ideal opportunities for displaying and viewing art.

Space constraints inspired a creative response.

A minimal, gallery-like interior and well-placed lighting create the perfect, neutral setting for displaying modern art.


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