Chestnut Street Residence

Known for its Federal-style rowhouses and gaslit streets, Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood has long been a bastion of traditional design; this project breaks with the past and explores how a modern interior can be at home within the shell of an 1830’s townhouse.

The home was designed for a young French executive and his wife, a fine-art photographer, and their family. They were seeking a home that was modern, uncluttered and lively. The solution was to create an interior with a French sensibility – fine materials, classic forms with a sense of flair – a little bit Givenchy, a little bit Gaultier.

The home is a love affair of old and new. “The result isn’t a fusion but a kind of coexistence – lucid, dissimilar, exciting.”

Boston Home Magazine

Carefully crafted details combine function and whimsy. Here a reading nook was designed for a child that loved the outdoors …and the color green.

Modern rooms are often defined by the interplay of objects; in this case floor-to-ceiling marble walls create distinct spaces within a large primary bathroom.

The interiors combine a palette of natural materials and refined detailing. The furniture selection, also by Stern McCafferty, includes custom fabricated and imported modern pieces. Decorative lighting animates each room and is combined with architectural lighting to highlight an eclectic art collection.

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